5 Questions every Entrepreneur must Ask

  • 15 Mar 2022

I believe in leading by good examples and inspiring others to do the same. As an entrepreneur, I feel every business person should ask five questions to themself. I’m answering the following questions based on my experience, for those who want to be big achievers.

Why is goal setting essential?

Just like food without salt is bland, your life without goals is pointless. However, simply having goals won’t sail your boat. You need to invest your full energy in whatever you do and not be bothered by results.

Focus on the task at hand. If you fail terribly at this task, consider this an opportunity. Remember, failing is an option, but don’t make it a habit.

In my life, developing a positive attitude and not letting my fears shallow me have helped me a great deal.

You have to set an example and let others get inspired by you.

How to discover your biggest strength?

Challenges can bog you down if you don’t cultivate positive thinking. There is a principle called GIGO, garbage in, garbage out. Develop your strengths by following the right role models. If it is possible, you should become a role model for others.

As a business person, I feel everyone should step into the shoes of their employees to see things from their angle. It’s easy to show sympathy, but hardly anyone can have empathy. Our emotions make us human.

Why and how to start your company?

This is a question, and I hope you can gain insights. My specialization is digital, and I’m determined to operationalize any big project. I found the word Flynt, which means hard rock. Thus, I launched DigiFlynt in Dubai.

After successfully launching my company, I started looking at underdeveloped geographies with massive growth potential. I shortlisted West African countries and tasted success. We set up a full-blown team, development center, technologies, tools, and processes across India, UAE, Togo, and Gabon in a short time.

I am the CEO, Shareholder, and Board Member of Digiflynt. This gives me immense joy to say we work for the entire country and nation’s transformation.

How to overcome the most significant challenges?

When an individual or company grows exponentially, challenges crop up quickly. For example, I started my company, raising capital was the biggest challenge. But I was bombarded with many other issues.

1. The language barrier in Francophone countries.

2. Hiring skillful people was another challenge.

3. The client was not paying you on time after taking the services, leading to operational issues.

First thing first, don’t let negative emotions consume you. Without the right attitude, you won’t overcome problems and challenges. If I can overcome the challenges mentioned above, you can do it too.

How should your business shape the world?

The world is going digital. We are in awe of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. That’s why change management will be a daunting task for businesses.

Simply going digital won’t count; you have to learn, use it, and make it a part of your life. Today, we can’t imagine a world without digitalization. It’s better if we work toward making our world better with technologies.

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