Role of Social Media in Digital Marketing

  • 31 Mar 2022

It’s almost two decades since we have been using social media. As per a report by Statista, in 2020, 3.6 billion people were using social media, which will shoot up to 4.41 billion by 2025.

This brings us face to face with the fact social media has changed the way we think.

In this write-up, let me make you aware of some of social media’s significant contributions. Let’s think of this as a world before or after the advent of social media.

Easy access to information

When I was a kid, the newspapers were the only form of information. Social media has changed this. Today, anything can go viral. However, we are dealing with a phenomenon called fake news or fake information. You can’t post fake news and get away with it. We have seen how social media has shaped world politics by sharing information that benefits or disowns a narrative.

Social media marketing has brought about digital transformation

It’s no secret many companies are looking for better ways to connect with their customers and prospects through social media marketing tools and strategies in this digital age. A survey stated that more than 70% of businesses spend on digital transformation to stay afloat amid the pandemic in the highly saturated business world.

I define digital transformation as using technology to change how a business operates. The goal of digital transformation is to ensure a company becomes more agile, efficient, and effective in the global marketplace.

Social media marketing allows businesses to build relationships with their customers and create a connection that would not otherwise be possible.

Digital transformation is about more than just using social media marketing to connect with customers and prospects. It is also about using social media marketing to drive traffic to your website, increase brand awareness, and build customer loyalty.

I came across a report by Business Wire that said that 84% of B2B buying decisions happen due to social media. This suggests enterprises cannot look away from the contribution of social media in digital transformation.

Surmise it to say; social media marketing can be a powerful tool to help businesses of all sizes reach their target audiences. In order to maximize the potential of social media marketing, businesses need to understand the role it plays in digital transformation.

Role of social media in digital marketing

Social media has also made its mark in the field of digital marketing. In today’s world, social media is one of the most powerful tools businesses can use to reach out to their target audience. Let me point out ten advantages we can get using social media marketing.

1. Create brand awareness and generate leads.

2. Build relationships with customers and prospects.

3. Create and share content relevant to your target audience.

4. Drive traffic to your website or blog.

5. Monitor and respond to customer feedback.

6. Used to create and implement marketing campaigns.

7. Monitor and analyze your competitors’ activities.

8. Track and measure your marketing performance.

9. Connect with influencers and build partnerships.

10. Create a social media strategy for your business.

I can say it safely; social media has a lot to offer businesses regarding digital marketing. If you haven’t decided to use social media in your digital marketing campaigns, you may miss many potential leads and customers. It’s better late than never.


Whether it’s business, the digital world, or how we think, social media has significantly changed our world. Business owners and stakeholders in public policy both should use it judiciously to enable transformation around them.

What else has social media changed in our society, positive or negative? I will be happy to hear your thoughts.

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