Evolution of technology

  • 09 Mar 2022

What fascinates me about technology is that it keeps on evolving. Within a decade, we get new technology that changes the face of the world.

In this write-up, I want to walk you through a technological advancement that has become an integral part of our life.

We can only imagine where technology takes us in the coming decades. This is something worth waiting for. I am very excited, are you?

From handheld video games to PS5

These days people talk about movies and TV shows when it comes to entertainment, but I have a firm belief gaming is the future.

When you think of money generation, your mind may drift toward Marvel movies or some Netflix show. However, the most profitable entertainment product of all time is a video game called GTA 5. This game has $6 billion and sold more than 90 million copies in 2018. As of 2022, the revenue and sales must’ve increased.

I do not doubt that as technology advances, people will turn to games more and more in the future. As per a report by Superdata, the gaming industry grew 12% in 2020 amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Why am I telling you this?

Well, if you just go two decades back, the gaming industry was not a big deal. The graphics of games back then were laughable. Fast forward to 2022, we have gaming consoles that raised the bar and made games realistic.

From telephone to smartphones

You know, when I was a school kid, we had this landline telephone. Payphones were at every corner of the street. You would have to put a coin in it every minute so that the call won’t disconnect. Who would have thought smartphones would replace telephones in a few decades?

The transformation of phones is less talked about. We are so dependent on using phones that we don’t realize we have come a long way. It goes like this, from black and white mobile phones to color ones to smartphones.

Today, we have smartphones. You would probably be reading this article from your smartphone. Right now, you can watch a movie, web series, or play games on your mobile phones.

The internet made the world truly globalized

We have been hearing about the term globalization for decades. Since the advent of social media, we can safely say we live in a full-blown globalized and interconnected world.

The internet has made us omniscient. We can search for whatever we want and get it on the internet. Without the internet, it’s almost impossible to imagine our world.

Social media has given birth to digital marketing, a relatively new industry. No wonder everyone wants to make them heard in the digital world. Today, we can do business with anyone in the world while working remotely.


All this technological advancement puts a question in your mind. Where would we be without technology? Let me guess; we would still live in the 80s or 90s.

This is the reason why I’m a big fan of technology. A world without technology is a body without a soul.
Let us join hands and make this world a better place with technology.

We can only imagine where technology takes us in the coming decades. This is something worth waiting for. I am very excited, are you?

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